Funny Songs.  Real animals.

​​Created by Michael Todd
with Cora Gutel, Nick Geist, & Chris Todd


(Pan paniscus)
aka pygmy chimpanzee

Bonobos live in very large groups, of up to 150 members, and were the last great ape species to be discovered.  They are quite similar to the chimpanzee, although slightly smaller with NO INSTINCT TO HURT OR KILL. The bonobo is also man’s closest living relative, as we share 99% of our DNA code with it.

Bonobos spend virtually all of their time in the trees, playing, foraging for fruit and sleeping in nests constructed in the branches.  On the ground they travel by 'knuckle walking'.  It is believed that the bonobo developed distincts characteristics of the chimpanzee when the Congo River cut through Africa, and the smaller chimpanzees couldn't make the swim! 

Bonobos don't go to the Congo Shore,
cuz a Pygmy Chimp can't swim! 

Why you gotta call him pygmy?  He's not even
that small! 

Jee-wilikers, humans!

Underwater Jaminalz

Jaminalz in the Air

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Bonobo  Songbook

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