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Dumbo Octopus


Dumbo Octopus has a soft, head-shaped body with eight arms, and two ear-like fins positioned on both sides of the "head".  Its name comes from these ears, making it look a lot like the popular Disney character, Dumbo!  The Dumbo Octopus is usually small in size, about eight inches in length, but the largest ever recorded measured 6 feet in length and weight of 13 pounds.

Males and females can be distinguished by the length of the suckers. Males have longer suckers and two tentacles that play role during mating.  The color of the body can be red, green or orange.

Since dumbo octopus spends most of its life on the great depths, it does not have a lot of predators. Main predators of dumbo octopi are sharks and killer whales.

The average lifespan of Dumbo is between 3 and 5 years.

It's not offensive to call him Dumbo. 
It's his name. Please, control your outrage!

Listen to the song as proof if you
don't believe me, you skeptical biped!

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Dumbo Octopus  Songbook

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You think that Dumbo's neat?

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