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​​Created by Michael Todd
with Cora Gutel, Nick Geist, & Chris Todd

Happy Faced Spider

(Theridion grallator)

The Happy Faced Spider is a spider in the family Theridiidae. Its Hawaiian name is nananana makakiʻi. The specific epithet grallator is Latin for "stilt walker", a reference to the species' long, spindly legs.

The spider grows up to 5 millimetres. Certain variations have a pattern resembling a smiley face or a grinning clown face on their yellow body. Each spider has a unique pattern, and the patterns differ from island to island.

T. grallator lives beneath the leaves of plants, where they spin a very small web. Instead of using the web as a prey-detection medium, it has been demonstrated that vibrations of prey transmitted through the leaf are detected by the spiders.

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Special treatment for a
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Happy Faced Spider  Songbook

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lol lil spider I brought back my species from extinction nbd lol