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with Cora Gutel, Nick Geist, & Chris Todd

Iberian Ibex

The Iberian Ibex are strong mountainous animals characterized by large flexible hooves and short legs. These physical adaptations let them run and leap on rocky, steep slopes. This gives them an advantage over potential predators that possibly cannot reach them because of the terrain. The horns of the ibexes are different among wild caprids as they curve out and up and then back, inward, and, depending on subspecies, either up again or down.

The Portuguese subspecies became extinct in 1892 and the Pyrenean subspecies became extinct in 2000. An ongoing project to clone to the Pyrenean subspecies resulted in one clone being born alive in January 2009. This is the first taxon to become "un-extinct".

I suppose it's impressive that his entire species was extinct for a while...

but... didja know about my poo?

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Jaminalz in the Air

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Iberian Ibex  Songbook

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You're not the only one to return from extinction, my man!